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Plastic tubing for hair!

(as used by pepis in london)

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this is the 2nd journal of silveraj who often goes to spain to purchase rolls of plastic for resale at a later date.
yes, it is the coveted plastic which pepi's hairdressers in camden use to make their amazing hairstyles. they won't sell it, people want it, so i'm providing it.

it's often hard to keep up with orders, so to avoid spamming my own journal with hair matters, i created this one.
if you want to know the status of your order, or when my next trip to spain will be, please comment on this journal, not my regular one.

below are a few images denoting what types of plastic are available, and my prices.

hollow tubing
1mm rolls (300m) - £20
1.5mm rolls (300m) - £22.50
2mm rolls (200m) - £25
3mm rolls (200m) - £30
4mm rolls (100m) - £30
5mm rolls (100m) - £32.50

the rolls get a lot bulkier and heavier as they go up in mm, hence why they cost more. backpack space is at a premium here.
the 1mm is extremely light, floppy, and wonderful to braid into the hair. it weighs so much less than rexlace - people really notice the difference.
the 2mm is stiffer, still easy to work with, but can be used to make sticky-up hairstyles. i used it to make these bunches.
unlike most tubing, this tubing stays light and really flexible even as it goes up in mm gauge. and, being hollow, it is easy to knot and holds the knots well (much better than rexlace).
these are available in the colours shown on the chart of strips at the bottom. if you want another colour, suggest it to me and i will find out if it can be manufactured. normally, you have to wait until i place my next order, which i try to do once a month. then i go and collect it all and bring it back from spain for you all, or post it straight from there if you are not in the uk.

i do have a selection of colours and sizes in stock at my home at all times though, so if you need something now, just email me or leave a comment for details. i can usually post it out to you the next day if you pay by paypal.

there's also this flat stuff.
it comes in big flat circular rolls like this, and is available in these colours....

this flat stuff looks amazing as hair, as it is see thru and gives a wicked multilayered shimmery effect, and can be cut into cute little spiky points at the ends.

there is a slightly narrower, opaque version available in black, by the way.

these rolls are £30 each or £1.50 a metre.

i take paypal payments to aj [at] silvercyber [dot] org [dot] uk

if you are international, eg usa or australia, bear in mind that the postage from barcelona is quite high, so it would be better for you to find a few people from your area to split the order with.